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This website will allow you to register yourself or your children for select activities within the Hickory Fountain Green Recreation Council.

Upon successfully registering for a program, you will receive an email confirmation of your registration. If you do not receive this email within a few minutes, your registration did not complete.

Even if you have never registered online, your account may already exist if you have participated in activities within the Hickory Fountain Green Recreation Council in the past. Please click Let's get started below and enter the main phone number you have used with us in the past. If your information is present, we will find it for you and send you an e-mail to verify your identity. Once you have received this e-mail, you will be able to follow the link attached to the website where you can update your information, add a password and login to start the registration process. Please be sure to update any information which is outdated, especially contact information.

If your information is not found, or if you are participating with us for the first time, just click the Let's get started link below to create an account. You'll be asked to enter some basic information about your family, and once your account is created you'll have an opportunity to enter information about yourself or your children. Once you've entered your children's information, you'll be able to register them for activities within the Hickory Fountain Green Recreation Council.

Need Help or Have Questions?
Contact the appropriate program contact below:

HFG Rec. Indoor Soccer - Lance Griffin - hfg.indoor.soccer@gmail.com

HFG Youth Center - Dana Hilbourn - HFGyouthcenter@gmail.com

HFG/FH Girls Lacrosse - Andy Baldwin - hfglacrosse@outlook.com

Hickory Rec. Fall Outdoor Soccer - Mark Downes - mjdownes@gmail.com

Hickory Rec. Summer Soccer Camp - Tony Taminini - simplysoccercamp@yahoo.com

HFC United Soccer Club - Jamie Filiaggi - jamie1428@comcast.net, Bob Jacobs - rjacobs@birchfieldjacobs.com

HFG Baseball - Chuck Marzen - hickorybaseball@comcast.net

HFG Softball - Kevin Miller - hfgsoftball@gmail.com

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